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Consultation to solution


In order to fully understand the difficulties you face and to establish possible solutions to suit your needs, it is important to carry out a thorough evaluation. We encourage you to bring a close friend or relative along to this appointment.

Initial evaluation *

* During coronavirus the free initial consultation can take place over the phone or by video chat. If you would like a face to face consultation a £20 fee will apply.

You should allow one hour for this first consultation, which is free of charge with no obligation to proceed further. During this assessment we will:

  • Talk to you about your individual difficulties, particular areas where you are looking for improvement and other information that may help us find the best possible solution to your hearing problem.
  • Examine your ear canals and ear drums using our Video-Otoscope camera.
  • Carry out a hearing screening check using free field audiometry.

Full hearing test and assessment

If the results of the screening check indicate the need for a full hearing test and assessment, this will be charged at £25. The hearing test is carried out in a sound proof booth where available, using pure tone audiometry to establish the type and degree of hearing loss. Other tests may also be carried out if necessary.

Once your assessment is complete, we will explain the results and discuss the possible solutions available to you. This will include whether or not hearing aids are necessary and their likely benefit to you, or if other courses of action are necessary; such as further investigations by your GP or perhaps removal of excess wax.

What next?

If our assessment shows that hearing aids are necessary, then the next step will be the fitting and trial period.

If you are unsure whether hearing aids would benefit you, we can offer a completely free hearing aid trial so that you can try them out with no obligation and no commitment.

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