Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection


We supply ER and Pro Series ear plugs which are custom made and have a special attenuating filter which reduces the overall volume of the music without affecting the sound quality.

We can also supply a range of custom in-ear monitors that provide effective noise protection and excellent sound quality as well as being a comfortable fit.

Industrial workers

We supply either Emtec Noisebreakers or DLO filter plugs.

Both are ideal for noisy workplaces. The noisebreakers have a filter designed to let speech through when it’s quiet and protect when there is noise. The DLO plugs come in two different options; the M type for high frequency protection and the H type for more general protection including low frequency.


The Emtec Noisebreakers can be worn comfortably under the helmet for long periods and the filters allow normal speech through when you pull over to speak with your fellow riders.

We can also supply communications moulds.


We can supply the Emtec Noisebreakers or custom Sonic Valve earplugs.

For more advanced electronic noise protection we fit the Puretone Custom Electronic Noise Suppressors (CENS). These come in a variety of options depending on whether they are to be used for clay or game shooting or both.


For a quiet night’s sleep we recommend the Puretone Sleepzz custom moulded sleep plugs. These are also custom made and can be worn comfortably all night due to the very soft silicon material.

Ideal for those with a snoring partner or shift workers who need to sleep during daytime hours when outside noise is too high.

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